About us

We are modern, strong, professional, rapidly developing and improving metal products manufacturing company. JSC VIRITAS specializes in manufacturing steel constructions. The main attention is paid to the quality. By investing in highly qualified personnel and equipment, the company produces metal structures that meet the highest quality requirements. JSC VIRITAS has been granted the right to manufacture steel constructions (low alloy and stainless steels) (execution class EXC1; EXC2) in accordance with the requirements of the standard EN 1090-2:2018.



Welding personnel

  • IWE & EWE - Certified Welding Engineer;
  • Welding Coordinator;
  • Certified NDT personnel in accordance with standard EN 9712 (VT-2, PT-2, UT-2);
  • Welders certified according to EN 9606-1.
  • Welders certified acc. IIW (IPW, ITW).


Basic materials used according to CEN ISO/TR 15608:

  • 1.1 group – Low alloy, (y.s. < 275 N/mm2);
  • 1.2 group – Low alloy, (y.s. 275 N/mm2 < y.s  360 N/mm2);
  • 8.1 group – Stainless steel (Austenitic steels, Ni 31 %, Cr≤ 19 %).


Welding methods

  • MIG/MAG- fused electrode in protective gases;
  • MMA- manual electro-welding welded electrodes;
  • TIG- welding with tungsten electrode in inert gas.



Factory - production capacity:

  • Manufacturing area 650 m2;
  • Protected outdoor area 3000 m2;
  • Production capacity per month - 60tons-100tons.

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