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Plasma Cutting

Technical characteristics

  • Machine name:
    Hypertherm Powermax 125/ most speedcut 15/30
  • Working area: 1500 x 3000 mm
  • Sheet thickness: 1 – 25 mm


Plasma cutting is an advanced technology designed for cutting electrically conductive materials. Plasma arc cutting uses a concentrated arc in which a high temperature plasma column melts and removes the material to be cut from the cutting area. Plasma cutting can be used to cut all electrically conductive materials. Compressed air, nitrogen, oxygen, argon/hydrogen are the most popular components used for plasma cutting.

Our plasma cutting machine can cut materials from 1 to 25 mm in thickness. During the process of metal cutting the arc plasma jet is accelerated 5 to7 times more than the gas jet resulting in less permanent deformations.

CNC plasma cutting is carried out in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 1090 and EN 13920.

Marking of hole locations is possible. Holes can be drilled or cut.

We can cut any shape from the sheet according to your drawings.  The machines enable us to quickly produce large quantities of high-quality identical parts, or large custom elements that would be difficult to produce by hand.

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